Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Now that I have medium length hair and bayalage highlights, what better thing to do then to copy every girl on Pinterest by putting small waves into my hair? I figured maybe instead of subjecting my hair to the straightener-turned-curler every day, this product would just, ya know, do all the work for me.

This was really cheap, about $4 for a good amount of product. It comes in a spray bottle, and has a fresh baby-powder smell when you spray it. It does smell and taste (oops, hair in my mouth!) salty, more noticeably after a few hours have passed with the product on. Here are a few of my observations, based on the condition of my hair when spraying:

Wet hair: the “tease” factor didn’t really stick around once my wet hair had dried with this product on it, although it did make my hair strands separate and looking stringier. Not really the desired effect without any texture, though.

Dry, straight hair: made my hair stick together, even after spreading the product throughout and texturizing with my fingers. This didn’t really produce much of a “stringy” effect as it did with the wet hair, so the end result was just giant clumps of hair sticking together unfashionably.

Dry hair with waves already in it via straightener: now THIS is what the product was meant for, I think. If you’ve already got a few waves going on and then spritz this stuff in, it will 100% legitimatize the Pinterest “wave” look you’re trying to go for. You have to be careful because too much of the product will weigh the initial waves down, but if you aim it toward the ends of the hair follicle, your hair strands will start to split out from one another, creating the jagged, stylishly messy texture.

I was really impressed by the hold-time of this spray. Even though I would probably term it as a light-medium hold, I was impressed by how long it seemed to hold the texture up, at least 10 hours at my longest stretch.

This is a neat little buy for such a cheap price. No, it’s not an instant hairstyle in a bottle as I would have hoped, but it’s an awesome additive if you already have waves in your hair. ~A

To get those coveted beachy waves, click here:

Perceived efficacy: 4/5

Longevity: 5/5

How much I actually like this product: 4/5